We have all seen the ads promising to cut your tax debts by 90%, and we all know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  What you need is straight talk, honest answers, and no empty promises.

The goal is to resolve your tax issues efficiently and to your best advantage. There may be a variety of solutions for your particular tax problem, but the right solution depends on the facts surrounding your situation and your goals. I am here to help you understand all of your options so you can make an informed decision, and begin the process of resolving your tax problems.

Tax disputes are also an opportunity to clarify your situation and to advocate for your position, but they require you to act.  Failing to act can lead to penalties, interest, and even criminal charges.  My goal is to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible, allowing you to move ahead with your life or your business, without the threat of a tax action looming ahead of you.

I provide services for the following types of tax issues for individuals and businesses:

  • IRS inquiries and audits
  • IRS appeals
  • Failure to file tax returns or failure to pay taxes
  • IRS collections – garnishment/seizures/liens/levies
  • Offer in compromise/settlement
  • Criminal tax defense
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Exempt organization compliance
  • State and local taxes issues, including sales and use taxes, and transfer taxes
  • Employment tax for both employers and self-employed individuals
  • International tax and offshore voluntary disclosure

Straight Talk – our first meeting.

Work on your tax issue begins by collecting information, and can often be started with a short authorization form to collect information from the IRS or state before we meet to discuss the issues you face.  Our first meeting will be a working meeting, meaning you must have as many of your documents available for review as possible in order to assess your situation and start planning a course of action.  Our first meeting will likely be at your home or office – after all, that is where you keep your information.

Honest Assessment – review of your information.

Once we review your information, I can provide an honest assessment of your situation, the possible outcomes, and your best opportunities for a successful settlement.  It is also important to remember that almost all tax issues are time sensitive, and that delaying your response may mean you lose the opportunity to defend yourself.

Tax Planning

The best way to resolve tax issues is to avoid them through planning.  If you anticipate a major event in your life or business, such as an inheritance, the sale of your business or the start of a new one, planning for the event, instead of reacting to the tax results, can ultimately save you time and money, and more than pay for the consultation. For more information on tax planning, see “Estate Planning” or “Business Planning.”